Friday, 14 March 2008

images alone

I am writing here as a way of communicating all the rest of the stuff. The updates about what is happening with my project;, and all the in-between things that need a casual mention.

I have come to realise that images alone are not enough. Writing is the tool to distill and refine ideas, and in taking care to say what I mean, I figure out what I mean.

Sometimes with an art education, one tends to cultivate a separation between the everyday happenings of a life being lived and the art that is being created. I find this to be a problem, in that I want art to be part of everyday life, without this removal, but to still retain the autonomy and the integrity of the art as it stands alone.

This image is from a journal from many years ago. It recycles itself over and over, its significance changing a little from time to time. I place it here in this context:

  • It is a found image, probably from a national geographic magazine.., I tore it out and glued it into journal well before i thought of collecting sources.
  • The paper sheets hung in the tree are wishes, ideas, prayers or thoughts that have been left there for the elements to work on. I am interested in this act of placing them there to be taken care of.
Much like posting ideas to an unknown audience on the internet.

So, first post anxiety aside, here goes.


Rhondah Rhombus said...

nice blog. I like your idea about trying to figure out what you mean, what comes naturally but you're not sure why you like it or why it's important to be made in the first place.
Blog twice a week and i'll add you to my blog links.

Rhondah Rhombus said...

Emma, More posts!