Tuesday, 1 July 2008

siblings in the rain.

I am very lucky to have siblings that are also my friends. Matthew- my older brother and Claire, my younger sister came to visit for a week mid winter. We found ourselves in a cloud, while on a road trip near the Otways National Park. The air was so soft and wet.

Claire writes music, coding the sounds of knuckles rapping wooden piano bodies; she allows the cello to slowly sing, then glissando dive into flurries of rhythm. She writes these notes on her laptop, while still in her sleeping bag, wearing her striped pyjamas, and her unmatching also striped socks. Claire makes me a scarf, and sews onto it a small dotted donkey. We name him Richard.

Matthew visits on his way to Poland, where his artwork will settle and flourish for a few months. To celebrate, we drink scotch whiskey and spend an afternoon making pierogi (polish dumplings), stuffing folded moons of white dough with potato and dill, blueberries, sauerkraut or mushroom. Matthew plans to build a horse, while in poland, and follows on from his previous work; a performance with a large bear who played a melodian while matthew danced a gig. He is very polite to animals, and the way he says "come along now, I'd like you to get out of that cupboard please" to the ratbag kitten... makes me laugh.

They go out shopping together, and come home, each with elfish turquoise shoes, and striped lolly bags full of blueberry bombshells and sherbet fizzes. Matthew buys a large, shaggy orange mop head and carries it in the pocket of his duffle coat. He gets a haircut from a tattooed lady, and then they both start on again about me cutting mine, as I never have.

On her last morning here, Claire follows me to the farmers market, then the farm behind the convent, and photographs me as I pick stinging nettles to cook with anchovies for dinner. We pat the fat sheep, who also eats the nettles, and her oily wool makes my hand feel soft and grubby.

But now they have both gone again, and the winter is suddenly colder and i miss them.


Claire said...

Miss you too x x x nice photo selection. where is the nettle recipe then?

vegan pulse said...

awwww what a beautiful post!

Claire said...

Emma you need to post more often! more photos! more art! more weather and kitties.