Wednesday, 29 October 2008

the metabolism of travel

"We have discussed it, and named it
the metabolism of travel.
It means, one has to digest a lot of calories
to support a body's movement
through space.

displacement is, of itself,
an effort."

The metabolism of travel - text / concept / practice (Antonia Pont)

This ticket will get you in for free - just present it as you board :

Finally this website is getting close to being finished, in the construction sense anyway. I am excited to watch it grow and become a living body of work as Antonia adds content and gets it to fit her daily life. It was great to create a space for such interesting work, and fun to work with someone who appreciates a good yellow scribble as much as i do.

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Claire said...

very nice yellow scribble. i like the image under poetry on antonias site. i have some great cloud pics on flicker you might want to use. they look like candy floss over wellington.